Jan 1, 2008

better late than never!

After a trip back from Israel in February, with hundreds of photos, and trying to find an integrative way to show my images to non-Facebook friends and family members, I have started a blog of my very own.
I'm hoping this will be the most integrative medium on which to feature my thoughts and photography series which don't always fit into the categories of Food, Still Life or Weddings. Finally a place to put everything.
Some things I will wish to share to my viewers are:
-interesting weddings I have documented and/or locations at which I have shot and definitely want to return to (perhaps even for my own wedding one day!)
-interesting still life projects to share
-my travel photos (Israel, England, Italy, and Mont Tremblant to name a few of my amazing and recent travel experiences this year)
-photos of my adorable new niece, who lives in Boston with my sister Laurie and my brother-in-law Matt, and who is growing way too quickly!
-restaurants and experiences at restaurants in new york city and elsewhere that I have kept business cards from (the foodie in me bought myself a restaurant journal last year for my birthday :)
-everything else that inspires me along the way!

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