Jul 11, 2008

My Trip to Italy, on Film.

rainy rome
on our drive through tuscany to orvieto, umbria...
chandler, and his super 8.
taking shelter from the drizzle inside the colosseum.
take me back to orvieto.
the film is finally developed!
here are a few images and boards from our trip to italy (may 11-22).
it rained in rome for 3 out of 4 days! orvieto had the best weather, as you can kinda see in the black and whites:
here is an older italian couple watching the sunset over orvieto's cathedral, some shops selling ceramiche in the piazza del duomo, chandler in plaid, a street in orvieto (with no tourists!), chandler with his super 8 camera near orvieto's duomo, the duomo viewed from a side street, soaked in the afternoon's sunlight...
more to come as i edit...

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joan said...

These are fantastic! I love that one of you in the first row of the first set. What an Audrey Hepburn moment. :o)